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I'm collecting different kinds of questions about learning Chinese raised by lots of Chinese-learners. And I've answered these questions thoroughly  as possible as I can.^^I'm just keeing a record of all these questions I've answered everyday.



1.About “have to”in Mandarin

Q:How to use <have to> in chinese?

I was stuck with the many ways of expressing <have to> thing in chinese...

My dicts just translated these three as <have to; blah-blah..> with differences not clarified. Grammar books, i don't have ones.

1. 只好 - 下雨了,我们只好回家。 (have to, forced to; can only; have no choice but)

2. 非 - 我非去。 (have got to; simply must)

3. 必须 - 你必须用功。(must; have to)

.. please guys, can you tell how to use them? and if there are some others? you can just give examples showing the sense.. :)))


A:The question is great 'cause I've never thought about the difference between those words.Really hard to distinguish!^^

1.只好:have no choice but to do sth(kind of sad and not willing to do that)

for example:You and your friends were going to take a picnic.But unfortunately, it started to rain heavily when you guys were on the way.So you had no choice but to return home.(You were not willing to go home but you had to do so and you felt it was a pity.)


2.非/非得:“非” is often used with "不可" at the end,like:"非……不可"

If you say "我非去不可!" to others,that means you will go regardless of any obstacles and no one can stop you.(very strong will)

If others say "你非去不可!" to you, that means you must go there even if you don't want to.(like an order!)


3. 必须:similar to the meaning of "非……不可",but it's sort of milder than "非……不可"(Because "非……不可" is double negative and usually double negative is a method of emphasizing what you want to say.)


那里很危险,你不能去!There is very dangerous.You cannot go there!

我必须去,我的朋友还在那儿!I must/have to go 'cause my friends are still there.

不行,你会有生命危险!No.You will be in great danger!

我非去不可!I must go!(the tone is becoming stronger and you want to emphasize waht you've said.)



2.About "我容易吗?" in Mandarin

This question was raised by a Korean friend. And I do know it is quite confused about the meaning of "我容易吗?"in Mandarin. What on earth does it mean?Easy or not easy?

Q:我有一个问题( I've got a question.)



> 或是(我们被闪电)容易(打)吗?

> 关于这个问题请你的指导。

> 谢谢~







”我们容易吗?“-------이 문장은 반문 어기를 사용했어요.의미는 "우리는 쉬지 않아요(사실 우리는 넘 힘들어요)"예요.^^

그 밤에는 밖에 록음을할 때 갑자기 번개가 번쩍했어요..

.저희가 정말 깜짝 놀랐어요.그래서 저희는 자신이 좀 불쌍하다고 생각했어요...

날씨가 그렇게 나빠도 록음해야 되니까요...ㅎㅎ ( 놈담이에요~)


대부분 시간에 "我们容易吗?"는 놈담이에요~ㅎㅎ 유머가 있는 말하는 방법이에요~


예를 들면:

A:这么晚了还不起床!(왜 아직도 일어나지를 않니?)


(어젯 밤을 새워 시험 공부 했어요...아까 잠을 좀 잤어요...我容易吗??)



(“你说我容易吗”라는 노래도 있어요~재미있는 노래예요~ㅋㅋ)

listen to this song



3. Q:Can somebody translate this from Chinese?
害怕今天挑選這人 轉角有個某君
你為何沒有等 一早已被困

Additional Details
Tried Google translate. Proved useless here.
Please, if you're just using Google translate and can't actually understand Chinese, you're not helping me any.


A:I'd like to help you with it.^ ^
These are lines from a Cantonese ballad called "Flower Trees". I also like this song. Romantic Name~

害怕今天挑選這人:  I'm always afraid of choosing someone today,
轉角有個某君 : And then I'll find someone else the next day.
送贈更動魄的熱吻 : Someone with an even more romantic kiss.
你為何沒有等 一早已被困 : Those who didn't wait for the right one, are now stuck with someone they don't love.

I would post the rest of the lyric here for your reference:

Love is like traveling around the world. 恋爱若然像旅行
Not satisfied until you've seen the best scenery. 风景看尽至甘心
But even if you've been to every corner of the world, which you can, 就怕给你走遍世间 仍可能
You still won't find the paradise you truly want, and you'll have to keep searching.
疑问宇宙有沒世外桃源 尚要觅寻

If I fell in love with you at first sight, 一见就情定某人
It's the same as being unfair to you. 等于对待你残忍
No one can vow to love someone forever without regrets, 谁能保证终生不抱憾
Like there's no one else waiting for you. 沒更好在眼前等

I've been with so many people I loved, 遇过 很多很多恋人
Like a forest in love with the rest of the forest. 一朵花跟森林
You won't be able to decide which trees the best. 你未決定哪边合亲
And you'll wonder why you would put effort in making a relationship work. 如何投入你情感

I'm always afraid of choosing someone today, 害怕 今天挑选這人
And then I'll find someone else the next day. 转角有個某君
Someone with an even more romantic kiss. 送赠更动魄的热吻
Those who didn't wait for the right one, are now stuck with someone they don't love.
你为何沒有等 一早已被困

Girls, just like flowers; boys, just like trees - are everywhere in a forest. 花满地 奇树满林
It's hard to land on one target without judging and calculating. 花多眼乱 难評分
But it's also bad if we wait too long without choosing, 回头只怕兜兜转太耐
That by sunset, there won't be anymore choices left to choose from. 沒有採就已黃昏

So what if you're sorry now? 大概你也抱歉得很
You've already hurt over hundreds of hearts, 伤了几百個心
When you still couldn't decide who you love. 也未决定那位合亲

Maybe you knew, but things turn out the way you never thought of. 或你知事到如今
The one who should be with you, 共你应该一起的人
Might have already gone away with someone else. 已发了做至亲
And he or she would be looking at you to see who you are with and who you break up with.
And winter would arrive before you even fall in love with someone else. 美事还未发生 冬天已渐近


4. Q:Can anyone help me translate a sentence from Chinese to English?
The sentence is 一生至少该有一次,为了某个人而忘了自己,不求有结果,不求同行, 不求曾经拥有,甚至不求你爱我。 只求在我最美的年华里,遇到你。 Translations to Portuguese, Spanish or French will be fine too. Thank you.


甚至不求你爱我。 只求在我最美的年华里,遇到你。

During the entire life, there will be at least one time that you forget yourself for someone, asking for no result, no company, no ownership and even no love. Just ask for meeting you in my most beautiful years.
It is written by my favourite poet Xu Zhimo. ^ ^


5. Q:How do I say "I am an undeclared major" in Chinese (Mandarin)?
Additional Details:(Of course as in an undeclared college major)


A:"I am an undeclared major":我是一个非固定专业的(大学)学生。

“undeclared major” in different universities has different names. it can be "非固定专业" or “个人专业” or "独立学习计划(Independent Studies Program)". And because you say "undeclared major", "非固定专业" is the best way to translate it.

Hope it is helpful for you.o(∩_∩)o


6. Q:May you Please translate below to Chinese for me? (official and polite form)?
My friend !
I am sorry if I bothered you. I will keep all your kind words in my mind. Thank you for guiding me.
You are a very kind-heart, warm and genius lady and I am so happy to work with you.
You can always count on me, wherever I am.


A:我的朋友,你好吗?(My friend, how are you doing?)
冒昧打扰你,真不好意思。(I am sorry if I bothered you. )
你善意的言语,我都会铭记在心里。(I will keep all your kind words in my mind. )
谢谢你对我的指导与帮助。(Thank you for guiding and helping me。)
你是一位热心杰出的女性,我十分高兴与你一同工作。(You are a very kind-heart, warm and genius lady and I am so happy to work with you.)
如有需要,可以随时与我联系,无论何时何地。(You can always count on me, wherever I am.)
Hope that it is helpful for you.o(∩_∩)o


7. Q:Can you make a sentence using 得不错 in chinese?
I need help constructing a sentence using these characters: 得不错. I need a chinese mandarin sentence please
Additional Details:it needs to be at least 7characters long


A:There are some minor problems with the second answers.
They should be:
1.他是个很不错的画家。(He is a brilliant painter.)
2.他是个很不错的厨师。(He is a brilliant cook.)

Here is the question about "很不错" and"得不错“.
The sentence using "得不错",actually is a sentence drill:verb+得+adv.
eg.做得不错(do well)------------他做得不错。
唱得不错(sing well)----------他唱得不错。



8. Q:Mandarin names for Chinese New Year traditions?
I'm writing a short piece about CNY in mandarin but am having trouble finding some of the terminology I need. I'm looking for the Mandarin names of ANYTHING CNY related e.g. 天灯,龙舞,生肖 etc. along with the English translations. Any help would be great.


A:(1)Name of some special days about CNY:
春节 The Spring Festival
正月 lunar January; the first month by lunar calendar(农历:lunar calendar)
除夕 New Year's Eve; eve of lunar New Year
初一 the first day of the Spring Festival
元宵节 The Lantern Festival(the last important day of the CNY)

过年 Guo-nian; have the Spring Festival
对联 poetic couplet: two successive rhyming lines in poetry
春联 Spring Festival couplets
剪纸 paper-cuts
年画 New Year paintings
买年货 special purchases for the Spring Festival ; do Spring Festival shopping
敬酒 propose a toast
灯笼 lantern: a portable light
烟花 fireworks
爆竹 firecrackers (People scare off evil spirits and ghosts with the loud pop.)
红包 red packets (cash wrapped up in red paper, symbolize fortune and wealth in the coming year.)
舞狮 lion dance (The lion is believed to be able to dispel evil and bring good luck.)
舞龙 dragon dance (to expect good weather and good harvests)
戏曲 traditional opera
杂耍 variety show; vaudeville
灯谜 riddles written on lanterns
灯会 exhibit of lanterns
守岁 staying-up
拜年 pay New Year's call; give New Year's greetings; New Year's visit

(Here is a piece of article on CNY for your reference:


9. Q:Looking for a Chinese band and a few songs?
Someone online gave me the songs, some with MV but it got lost somehow. I'm not able to contact this friend anymore. It was a year ago.

Anyway it had 3 guys and one girl. If you don't know the songs perhaps you can identify the band.

Song one - Fast rap song. Girl only joined in the slower chorus. MV was fairly dark, mostly black/white.
Song two - Slow song. The girl didn't sing but appeared in the MV. The ending was a guy jumping and turning into birds.
Song three - No MV. Another slow song. One or more of the guys sang plus the girl. My friend online said a couple lines were in Cantonese, instead of Mandarin like the rest.
Song four - No MV. Another slow song. Only one guy sang this. Only I'll be able to identify if you identify the band and I'll have to listen to all their songs.


A:I think maybe the band is “南拳妈妈(nan quan ma ma)“, made up with a girl called Lara and three boys. Their songs are really awesome!
their information and introduction:
I just figure out two of them. Sorry about the rest ones.

1.I think the first song you mentioned is ”破晓‘(Day Break/Dawn). This song is kind of rock. And Lara just joined the slower chorus and I think her voice is quite powerful.
here you may listen whether it is the one you are looking for:
for download:

2.As to the third one you said, I think it is "我们(We)"because it has some lines in Cantonese. But this song is sung by Lara and a boy.
for listening:
for download:

BTW, I strongly recommend this one sung by Lara and it is very famous in China.
It is "下雨天(Rainy Day)".
here to listen:
for download:
Her voice is very sweet.
Hope it is what you are looking for.o(∩_∩)o


10. Q:What do these Chinese characters mean?
Jiān 煎
Āizhe 挨着
Please use them in a very basic sentence. Thank you.
Additional Details:and are these characters in traditional or simplified form? If they're in traditional, can you give me the simplified? Thanks again


A:1)Jiān 煎:to fry something
eg. I am good at cooking, especially frying steaks.
2)Āizhe 挨着:sth/sb is beside sth/sb (or be next to)
eg. The man next to my father is my English teacher.


11. Q:I really need to know the title of these beautiful chinese classic songs?
1) I remember the first lines to be "song ni yi fen ai ti li wu".. <- I'm not sure if the spelling is correct. I heard this song from a female singer
2) "tu ni ti chen pian ye bu yan chen, tu ni.."
3) "yi tian you yi tian, yi nian you yi nian mi mi hu hu.."

Please let me know if you know these songs


A:1)《祝你幸福》(zhu4 ni3 xing4 fu2)by "萧敬腾"(xiao1 jing4 teng2)
for download:
2)I am kind of puzzled about this one...
3)《童年》(tong2 nian2) by "罗大佑"(luo2 da4 you4)(“一天又一天一年又一年迷迷糊糊的童年“)
for download:
These are really old songs and very classic.^ ^


12.Q:How to say in Chinese 'In my heart flow rivers of tears'?

A:A literal translation for it is "我的心里,泪流成河"。
And we've got a more frequently used expression,that is"我心如刀割"(my heart is like being cut with a knife.)
Hope that it is helpful for you.^ ^






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